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Every morning, subscribers to "The Movie Scores & More Radio Daily" wake up to the latest in movie, television, and videogame music news -- as well as some great pop culture news -- delivered directly to your mailbox!  Each issue gets emailed out between 7:00am and 8:00am MST seven days a week. Stories are also updated throughout the day, too!

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Erik Woods and Cinematic Sound Radio deliver a truly fantastic weekly show which covers film, television and video game music in spectacular depth. Erik has been broadcasting Cinematic Sound Radio for over 22 years and he brings all of his radio experience and seemingly endless amount of knowledge of film, television and video game music to the listener every week.

Every week, Cinematic Sound Radio features extremely detailed interviews with composers, industry pros, and design engineers as well as great features which dig deeper into film, television and video game music.

Cinematic Sound Radio that will not only entertain but inform and educate as well. It's a must-listen if you want to know more about film, television, and video game music!

New shows coming soon!

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Movie Scores and More Radio is a proud partner with Award-Winning Filmmaker Michael Coleman of Coleman Film and The SoundWorks Collection Award-Winning Film Composer Scott Glasgow with his Cue The Music: Thoughts on Film Music  essays, and  WatchMojo.com with their features on
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What is Movie Scores and More Radio?

Movie Scores and More Radio is home to the very best in Movie, TV, Video Game Music, Soundtracks and Scores, Weekly Programming, Features and Shows, Trailers, Movie and Television Quotes and Clips, Retro Commercials, and Much More!

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We Broadcast Online-Only 24/7/365 in High-Quality 192k and
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Although we do play those fun in-movie a
nd in-television parody commercials!!!


Sharing Our Pop Culture Passion With You!

Jeffrey and Mary, the owners of   The Collectibles Café  ​-- an online-only toy and collectibles store on Amazon.com -- have had a life-long obsession with all-things pop culture. Their love of movie soundtracks, scores, trailers, and television has led them to create this unique Internet Radio Station so they could share this passion of music and pop culture of theirs with you! 

Every day on Movie Scores and More Radio, Jeffrey and Mary try to
deliver to you an all-encompassing journey into pop culture as we celebrate everything that are movies, television, video games and 
as much of pop culture ​as possible!

It's our passion project and we hope you thouroughly enjoy
Movie Scores and More Radio!


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